About us

In Etheria Trips, we are dedicated to creating the most engaging trips for students from all over the globe, for an enriching and unforgettable experience in Spain, accompanied by our instructors 24/7. Our 15 years of experience organizing a variety of school trips has provided us with the necessary know-how so that we do not miss any detail.

We design tailor-made journeys all over Spain, mainly designed for students of primary school, high school and higher education from any country, who wish to come and know the culture from the inside or practise the language. We run trips all year round, adapting to the needs of each group, while holding to the core values of Etheria Trips: respect, equality and team spirit. We follow an engaged educational system, drawing the best out of each person through supportive group dynamics and entertaining cultural activities.

In our programs we always include, in addition to accompanying instructors 24/7, touristic and cultural visits and educational and recreational activities that are unique and innovative in the non-formal education sector. They are designed by our team, focused in language immersion and comprehension of the Spanish culture. The instructors have, in addition to their official diploma –Leisure Activities Instructor–, vast experience in the fields of education and leisure, so the quality of the program is always guaranteed.


  1. Conveying knowledge on the key elements of Spanish culture to the students.
    • a. Support students to be able to acquire skills and knowledge that allow them to build upon the training received in their origin country.
      1. i. Show the versatility of Spanish art through guided visits/tours.
      2. ii. Allow student to become acquainted to the main traditions and customs of the country and/or city in a unique way, far from the traditional tourist visits.
    • b. Get the students involved, so that they reflect on what they learn and develop critical thinking through pedagogical activities.
  2. Promoting intercultural understanding.
    • a. Reflect on the differences between both countries and cultures.
    • b. Foster respect to one another, using listening and empathy.
    • c. Awaken the students’ interest in knowing and understanding other cultures
  3. Putting into practise the students’ Spanish language skills, regardless of their level.
    • a. Oral comprehension of the explanations or visits held in Spanish.
    • b. Ability to draw on the language in daily situations interacting with locals.


Our staff always takes into account that, above all, both students and instructors should have fun while learning. Therefore, we try to favour a comprehensive development of the students by connecting recreation and education. To that effect, our priority is to create a collegial, dynamic and participatory atmosphere that makes daily coexistence easier.

The real protagonists of the trip are the students, so a key element of our methodology is participation. We foster their personal development through problem-solving-based activities, through which they acquire different tools that allow them to create their own learning.

We seek to ensure a participatory education, making the students take part in all activities, where the students themselves, through team work and cooperation, achieve a common goal and are able to act depending on the rest of the team. This way, through participation and cooperation, the students develop their personality and learn how to take advantage of their own knowledge and skills.

The activities are designed in order to create healthy-life habits and basic rules of coexistence, always through cooperation and coeducation. The objective of the activities is not only recreational, but through them we also instil respect to oneself, to the others and to the rules. When running our activities, we try to promote the students’ initiatives, fostering creativity and imagination.