Córdoba without group leaders – Hostel

5 days / 4 nights
385 €

School trip to Cordoba:
The Southern part of Spain makes us travel through time and to different places of the world. Cordoba is the perfect example of a city where different cultures have lived together, leaving a mark on people and monuments. Are you going to miss it?


Al Katre Hostel: situated one step away from the famous Mosque. From there, it will be very easy for us to get to enjoy all the central streets that are full of Andalusian history. (Subject to availability)


Half board included.
Full board supplement: +33€


Guided visits to Córdoba and its main monuments and places of interest. Games and leisure activities.

Without group leaders

The group of students will be accompanied by their teachers, who will have all the necessary information to coordinate the activities and visits.
Supplement for certified group leaders 24/7: +74 €


Córdoba without group leaders – Hostel.

This program includes a wide range of engaging and educational activities that will make the students get an in-depth glimpse into Spanish culture. This way, they will get a complete overview of Córdoba’s history and culture. The trip is designed as a comprehensive experience, addressing many of the key elements of Spanish culture, from history to music, including urbanism and traditions. It’s a full-immersion experience, in which the students will have to use all the linguistic resources within reach, in order to communicate and understand what is happening around them.

Our team of instructors will be accompany the group 24/7 and will create a relaxed and collegial atmosphere, where all students feel comfortable participating, learning and practising Spanish. Moreover, instructors are ready and willing to respond to any suggestions or enquiry that students or teachers may have. Each night, instructors will also organise night-time activities so as to end the day in the most exciting way.

Do you fancy discovering Córdoba with us?

Day 1

Upon your arrival, we will be waiting for you at the Córdoba Airport. From there, we will go, in our private bus, to the hostel. After lunch, we will begin discovering the city with a guided visit to the Mosque and the Jewish quarter, which will reveal some of the secrets of this city. Afterwards, we will go to the hostel, where we will have time to check in and relax a little bit. After dinner, the instructors will prepare some fun group activities to end the day in style!

Day 2

After waking up, getting ready and having breakfast at the hostel, we will head to the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs, a building that served as fortress for the Catholic Monarchs, where we will visit the different halls, ramparts and towers and we will end with a walk around its beautiful gardens. Afterwards, we will go to the Sotos de la Albolafia Park, next to the river, where we will look for a place to have lunch.

When we are done, we will go for a walk up to the Roman Bridge, cross over the river and go to the Calahorra Tower –a fortress of Islamic origin-. From there, we will go to the Andalusian House: a journey in time that will transport us to the times of the Caliphate.

Once we have finished the visit, we will go back to the hostel and, after dinner… we will go to enjoy a Flamenco show!

Day 3

Today we will visit the Viana Palace, a stately house from the 15th century, where we will see the evolution of the architectural styles, decorative arts and overall atmosphere reminiscent of the aristocracy. Afterwards, we will go walking to the Roman Temple, which was discovered only 70 years ago and was recently restored.

Once we are done, we will have lunch and then, we will enjoy a free afternoon. We will have the choice to do some activities with the instructors or go for a walk around the city centre. After, we will go back to the hostel and to end the day, as usual, our team of instructors will be ready after dinner for a night-time activity, today we will have a TV contest!

Day 4

Before leaving Córdoba, we will visit the Inquisition Gallery, a museum where we can see the instruments and proceedings that were used from the 13th to the 19th century to practise tortures and punishments. From there, we will go to the Victoria Gardens and we will look for a place to have lunch.

With our batteries recharged, we will explore some of the typical patios of Córdoba, full of light, with white walls and filled with flowers that give them a lot of colour. Afterwards, we will have some free time to go shopping, buy some souvenirs or even have an icecream in the sun.

Finally, we will go back to the hostel and, after dinner… the instructors have prepared a little surprise!

Day 5

This amazing trip is coming to an end… so, after breakfast, we will have time to pack our things and head to the airport.

We hope to see you soon! Have a safe journey back!

The program includes

  • Accommodation in hostel (dormitories), 4 nights.
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner).
  • All the activities detailed in the program.
  • All the specific material for each activity.
  • Transfer from/to the airport (including return trip).
  • All transport during the trip: private coach and/or public transport.
  • Travel insurance, civil liability insurance and medical insurance.
  • 2 free-of-charge teachers/chaperones.
  • Welcome gift.


  • Guided visit to the Mosque and the Jewish quarter
  • Visit to the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
  • Visit to the Andalusian House
  • Walk around the Sotos de la Albolafia Park, the Roman Bridge and the Calahorra Tower
  • Flamenco Show
  • Visit to the Viana Palace and the Roman Temple
  • Visit to the Inquisition Gallery
  • Walk at the Victoria Gardens
  • Visit to the typical Cordoban patios

Optional services

  • Would you like to add anything else? Let us know!

To take into account

  • This program is completely adaptable to the arrival and departure flight times.
  • The program can be personalized by adding or removing activities. It can also undergo unavoidable changes, although this would always be previously communicated and agreed upon with the client.
  • The quote has been calculated on a base rate of 30 students + 2 teachers.
  • The total price can vary depending on eventual price changes by our suppliers or due to the lack of availability in the detailed accommodation.