How to Plan your Trip to Valencia without Missing a Thing?

During your educational school trip to Valencia, having well-planned program of activities will be key to ensure everyone gets the most enjoyment out of the experience and the trip is successful. If you decide to contract with Etheria for your school trip and you select Valencia as your destination, we offer numerous options for trip organisation, to personalise and make this the trip of your dreams. Valencia offers advantages as both an interior and coastal city: beaches, bars, shops, squares, markets, and a variety of cultural and free time activities. Because of this, there are endless possibilities for activities you can choose for your trip: water sports, multi-adventure activities, and cultural excursions.

Multi-Adventure Activities

Who doesn’t love a good dose of water sports while at the beach? The Valencian coast is a paradise for this type of activity, thanks to the calm and warm Mediterranean water. We recommend a sea kayak tour to take advantage of the tranquillity along the coastline. You can also try paddle boarding – very in style now – that attracts children and adults who want to try for a turn on the board. And for those who lean towards more hardcore sports, the Valencian coast also offers scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, and jet-skiing. Which will you choose? For cycling fanatics, it’s also possible to take a long ride through Fluvial del Turia park, a beautiful cycling path that follows the Turia River as it winds through the city. The path extends 9 kilometres through lush gardens from Capcalera Park all the way to the City of Arts and Sciences. A unique and fun way to see the city and its museums that your students will love.

Cultural and Nature Activities

If, when organising the plan for your school trip, you’re looking for something a bit more cultural, we recommend visiting the incredible City of Arts and Sciences as well as the Oceanografic. As both a museum of science as well as a gigantic aquarium, it’s bound to be a lasting memory for your students. It will allow them to immerse themselves in the world of science from a perspective quite different from their primary school lessons. They’re going to love it! If instead you prefer a trip more focused on natural exploration, we recommend a stop at Albufera National Park where you can witness hundreds of birds that use this park as a stopover on their long migration journeys. Of course, you can always choose to combine the options for the ultimate school trip to Valencia.

Guide for Organising your School Trip to Valencia

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