Organising your School Trip to Valencia

Organising a school trip for your students can be quite the headache if you don’t know where to start. Our hope is that with this guide we can help make your preparation as easy as possible. We offer different recommendations for accommodation, activities, restaurants, sites of interest, etc. so that your students leave with the best memories of Valencia. No matter what level of students (primary, secondary, university), a school trip is always one of the most anticipated events, as for teachers and students alike it will surely be one of the most memorable moments of the year.
One of the most requested trips at our agency is a cultural trip to Valencia, thanks to its reputation as a budget friendly destination and its proximity to an abundance of locations of interest worth visiting. Travelling to Valencia with your student group can be both a unique experience as well as an easily affordable option.

>>> At Etheria, we have more than 15 years of experience under our belts organizing educational trips. Our goal is that you leave with the best memory of your shared experience together. Here you’ll find our offer for school trips to Valencia through which you can take advantage of the multitude of possibilities this magical city has to offer for an unforgettable trip with your students.

Why Choose Valencia as a Destination for your School Trip?

A school trip to Valencia with Etheria includes a wide variety of activities and sites to visit with your students. Thanks to its ideal location, it’s possible to include cultural activities, tourist routes, culinary experiences…but also water sports at the beach so that your students are able to enjoy themselves not only in the city, but also take advantage of Valencia’s waterfront setting. At Etheria, we guarantee the best combination so that your school trip organisation doesn’t miss a thing, with free time activities and/or with our highly trained instructors.
  Valencia’s historic centre is enough of a motive for organising a school trip to this enchanting city. With its enchanting ambiance and endless activities, this city is perfect for secondary and high school students who often are intrigued by cultural significance and lively atmosphere of bars, busy streets, and bustling plazas. Additionally, at Etheria we offer different types of trips, so that you can choose what is best for your group of students: multi-adventure water activities, cultural visit, bilingual instruction, etc. You can choose a trip of 3, 4, or 5 days and let us know your requirements, desired excursions, activities, and preferences. Your trip to Valencia is fully customizable. Choose the options that will make this the trip of your dreams!

Valencia, A City of Endless Possibility

We begin our trip to Valencia with the key buildings of interest including City Hall, the Bullring, the North Station, or the Postal Building. After a visit to the heart of the city centre, we stroll to the Central Market, one of the best in Europe and place to experience Valencia’s charming atmosphere. To eat, of course, there’s Valencian paella–one of the original recipes. And how about for a more relaxed afternoon? One of the most well-known urban beaches in Spain: Malvarrosa Beach with its boardwalk, where it’s easy to stop and have a drink at one of the many bar terraces as the perfect end to your day exploring Valencia.
In the following days, you’ll surely have time to visit the main attractions of Valencia: The City of Arts and Sciences, the Aquarium, or Albufera National Park. If you decide to plan your trip for March, you’ll also get to experience first-hand the famous Valencian celebration of Las Fallas.

Guide for Organising your School Trip to Valencia

Learn more about Valencia and organising your educational school trip with the rest of our guide: activities, accommodation, prominent monuments, etc.:

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